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My step-father is a con man

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This man goes by Charles, Chuck or Chuckie, sometimes D=Dunlavy or F=Forrest, Rothschild, at this point I believe he killed my mother. He spent twenty years gaining my trust, making me his #1 concernm always insisting I call him to let him know I was okay becoming frantic if he did not hear from me, he mimicked me in many ways I now realize making me believe he was the one person on this planet who really “GOT” me, promising to be the one constant in my life, no matter what, he would always be there for me, he told me this over and over. He stole the trust that my mother was made trustee of when me real parents divorced in 1976, he claimed my mother was irrational, the chemo went to her head, she became  upset with me and gave it away.

He stole my house I paid for along with two pieces of property (he was supposed to be buying it from me which was his idea 100%

Along with over $10k cash loan I made to him

He stole my jewelry, plucked stones out of what he left, all my important documents, all the artwork I inherited from my dad, he even stole my wedding ring and the very last gift my mother bought me before she passed away, a platinum eternity ring. Silver coins,  a 5th wheel, 1500 sq ft of slate tile, he even had my parents ashes, I could go on and on with this list and that would not even be mentioning the items of my mothers he promised to give me when he was able to go get it out of storage.

I am writing this to try to prevent him from continuing to get away with his con artist, thieving, manipulative crimes once and for all.

He is in So Cal at the moment but he is known to have lived in NM, TX, FL, and Alabama I believe it was, He targets single older womenm he claims Rothschild came from his mothers side (lie nobody else but him named Rothschild in his family) he has an excuse for everything, even his spending nine years in the NM prison system (I am sure he  has a new story of innocents at this time). He will be your best friend, fill whatever void you have i n your life and be the most fun you ever spent with another person, but it is part of his con, he is dedicated, if you happen to be reading this because he has entered your life and you are just wantng to be sure he is for real, he is not. I am sure if you mention me and tell him what I said, he will already have a response prepared, most likely drugs are involved, I even heard he sent me to rehab, LOL

If you have spent five min around this man, I am sure you know he is the man that can get a perscription for ANY PILL your heart desires and somehow even gets his insurance to cover the cost of the medication as well. I know you want him to be real but he is not, do not let him make you another victim!


Written by lovinight

July 21, 2018 at 10:56 am

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